Kelsey Whyte is a queer visual artist living in East Toronto. Growing up in the rural area of Big Bay Point, Whyte did not understand that queerness even existed until her early teens. As compulsory heterosexuality took hold of Whyte’s life for many years, she struggled to understand why things always felt wrong for her. Coming to Toronto has changed Whyte’s life in many ways but the greatest relief has been the ability to be her authentic self. Whyte’s practice as of late has been reconciling her past with her trademark humour.

As a queer female artist, the ongoing conversation of identity and representation is omnipresent in both her practice and personal life. She engages with political and social issues by drawing from personal narrative and representation in visual culture. Whyte uses satire to reconcile her position in a complex and often hostile world. A photographer by trade, Whyte’s medium has continued to change throughout her career. Typically working in the digital space she has taken a recent leap into textile sculptures. Creating feminist art while working with a medium women have through generations, has made this the perfect choice to expand Whyte’s practice.

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