Greetings from Ugly Garden! is a spatial aesthetic celebration of queer community. Such spaces typically require visual codes or signals, like wearing certain fabrics in specific ways, to discover. “The idea of 'ugliness' or of refusing to conform to feminine beauty standards was an empowering one for lesbian feminists(...)” writes queer historian Eleanor Medhurst. Greetings from Ugly Garden! is created with mostly thrifted denim and fleece, textiles often deemed "ugly" throughout fashion history. By separating the strands of these materials, I unmake them to reclaim them into a queer elsewhere and flag other lesbians with my work. We learn signaling devices (often self taught) to find each other in spaces not made for us. I built this Ugly Garden out of our coded fabric—disrupting the body as their surface and expanding the symbol by unmaking it into space itself; a space that playfully refuses this world in which there are so few rooms for folks like me. Here is a glimpse into a site loosened from the everyday world of hostile policing and laws, remade from its ruins. Greetings from Ugly Garden! hopes to feel like a vacation to where you don’t need to google if they like gay people here.

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